Who is the Dura Doctor?

My mission and passion are to help you maximize your optimum wellness potential.

When you identify the underlying causes of your health concerns, symptoms, or diseases; the fix becomes obvious. When you remove the underlying causes, sources of stress, or energy deficiencies; cleanse the body and nourish the body; the body heals itself.

Symptoms or diseases are not our enemies, but an awesome signal of opportunity to recognize that we are out of balance. No matter the health challenge, our body is ALWAYS on a mission to return to homeostatic balance.

In 38 years of helping people move toward optimum wellness; I witnessed thousands of people improve their quality and quantity of life. Many of those people being given prognoses of only a few weeks to live. I have learned and continue to learn, that if you truly take time to listen to people, to take a thorough history, to do a thorough comprehensive exam, your plan of action becomes very clear. People begin to have hope; the lights come on in their eyes and I know they are on their way back to health.

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