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Biocranial Therapy

Biocranial Therapy

Optimize your brain to body connection

Thomas Edison said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will look to the care of the human frame, diet, and nutrition.”

As a physician, my highest call is to prevent what I treat.

We are all faced with various stresses daily…Emotional, Structural, Nutritional…which take a toll on our mind and body. It makes good sense to get regular checkups to maintain quality of life no matter our age.

The amount of damage done, surgeries, age, and vitality certainly have an effect on our overall health picture. But a qualified Wellness Physician can help you maximize your wellness potential no matter what health challenges may be.

Scheduling Bio Cranial/Wellness visits every 4-6 weeks keeps your brain and body working at maximum efficiency

Who Can Benefit from Bio Cranial Therapy?

Maximizing Brain Communication with the Body, by releasing Dura Contraction through Bio Cranial, and maintaining proper Spinal and Extra Spina Alignment and motion, is a major priority for many important health considerations:

  • Decreases rate of wear and tear significantly
  • Improves circulation and cardiovascular function
  • Maximizes immune function
  • Strengthens immune response
  • Improves digestions and bowel functions
  • Improves Toxin Eliminations
  • Less prone to disease
  • Less prone to injury and much quicker healing response
  • Improves balance
  • Significantly more cost-effective than more invasive therapies
  • Decreases pain, increases strength and flexibility

How Does Bio Cranial Therapy Work?

The skull’s bones shift. Conventional wisdom indicates that the skull, like a helmet, is a sturdy structure shielding the brain. Yet, with a slight rhythmic pulsation (about 10-14 per minute) that turns out to be a significant factor in our wellbeing, the 22 bones of the skull shift. This unexpected, and often ignored, connection is unlocked by the Bio Cranial Technique we use.

Compensation Reaction

During the birth process, bones of the skull can also become damaged. Besides the disruption of the rhythmic pulsing, a compensatory distortion can occur along the supporting spinal column below once the distorted, torqued or warped pattern is formed. This can set the stage for a number of health conditions, many without signs that are apparent.

The Physiology

With fingertips, the rhythmic motions felt along the joints of the various bones of the skull, called sutures, can be felt. Restrictions are believed to interfere with natural cerebrospinal fluid circulation. This liquid acts as a shock absorber for the brain’s fragile tissues.

We can uncover the underlying cause of many ailments by detecting aberrations, especially those of the jaw and other parts of the head.

Many who have had conventional chiropractic treatment also remember that there is a better resolution of their chronic spinal subluxations after having Bio Cranial work.

Simply put, it helps your whole body to function better as we shift the bones of your skull.

What Does Bio Cranial Therapy Cost?

  • Average Cost in US: $60 per session
  • Average Time per Session: 15 Minutes

I very much recommend working with Dr. Terry Spence. After one session I was able to feel the strengthened connection between my body and brain. After a major surgery some years ago, this is always a quest so that my body is operating optimally. I would not hesitate to work with him again!Jasmine Bell

After my first treatment, it was absolutely clear, that a disruption in my body was improved. Increased mobility in my back and neck, with a slight euphoric uplift , gave me a wonderful experience. Excited to explore more treatments in the near future. A must try in the world of natural healing.Brennan Cox, Personal Trainer

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Las Vegas Location

Dr. Terry Spence is in Las Vegas the 3rd week out of every month, please visit our booking page for the latest schedule.

Missouri Location

Dr. Terry Spence is in Plattsburg, MO the 3rd week out of every month, please visit our booking page for appointments.