In 1999 I went on a search to find a way to help me with vertigo and ringing of the ears which I had suffered for over 35 years as a result of a severe head injury at age 10. After many years of chiropractic care, massage, multiple therapies, acupuncture, exercise, dietary changes this condition had not changed.

I was referred to Dr. Douglas Hays, who in time became my best friend. He introduced me to NCR (neurocranial restructuring) developed by Dr Dean Howell. I flew to Tonasket Washington for training and treatment. After a four day series of treatments, I have been vertigo and ringing of the ears free for almost 20 years. 

Then in 2000, Dr. Hays called me to join him in New York City at a Bio Cranial System seminar.  As a result, I began my biocranial training. I was certified in early 2002, becoming one of the first 30 certified Bio Cranial practitioners in the United States and, over the course of many years, advancing to Diplomate status. Only months following my training my practice converted from a primary chiropractic practice to one where biocranial was the preferred course of action due to the immediate and longer-lasting results. Biocranial was the beginning of a major shift in the type of people I worked with; moving from a musculoskeletal practice to one in which now is primarily involved with working people presenting serious health issues such as late-stage cancer. 

In 2002 I became certified in specific enzyme therapy and became a board-certified doctor of natural medicine. The combination of the many wonderful tools for wellness I had gathered greatly enhanced my abilities and skills in handling any type of health challenge presented. 

Over the last 15 to 20 years,I have witnessed the miraculous ability of the body to heal itself in the face of many terminal prognoses. In my experience, spending whatever time in history taking, consultation, and comprehensive examinations; truly listening to patients. Has helped me discover all the sources causing their health challenges and making obvious what the fix will be. Through the pioneering efforts of many who have gone before me, I have come to witness the amazing ability of the body to heal itself when you remove the sources of stress nourish the body and cleanse the body. 

Finally, no matter whether you are trying to just maximize your current wellness level or move beyond a serious health challenge; maximizing the brain to body communication through Biocranial is where I start. It is never too late to improve your quality of life. If you choose life the impossible becomes possible.

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