Frequently Asked Questions


After a comprehensive exam and consultation to determine potential underlying causes of your headaches;

I will do a Biocranial treatment to maximize your brain to body communication and observe what effects it has on your headaches.

Thousands of patients have responded to this therapy when nothing else seemed to work.

Biocranial is a three minute non-invasive procedure that releases dural contraction Which maximizes the brain to body connection. Thousands of patients with headaches have responded to Biocranial when nothing else seemed to work.

That depends on several factors as follows.

If the cause is structural you may see immediate results after receiving a Biocranial treatment.

If the Cause of Your headaches is chemical , Heavy metals, electromagnetic influences, emotional, nutritional deficiencies, or Organ stresses; when those stressors are identified,removed ,and the body nourished and cleansed then your body can heal itself.

Comprehensive consultation, comprehensive exam, paperwork to take home which consists of a signs and symptom survey and a seven day food journal, and Biocranial therapy treatment.

You fill out everything you eat and drink in detail for seven days.

Consists of a series of health statements. If the statement applies but is mild you put a 1 in the box;if the statement applies but is major you put a 3 in the box; if the statement does not apply you leave the box blank. The numbers on this

Form are then put into a special key that gives additional valuable information in determining sources of stress for your headaches.

I will be able to decide what additional specialized testing will be needed to determine all the sources of stress causing your headaches. Also, 3 additional Biocranial therapy visits will be scheduled to maximize your brain to body communication and to observe the impact of this amazing therapy on your headaches.

Report of findings which includes a plan for success.

The following factors determine the answer to this question:

1) How old you are

2) How long have you suffered with headaches

3) How much vitality do you have

4) How good is the doctor at determining the underlying sources of stress causing the headaches. This is one of my passions and fields of expertise

5) How well will you follow my instructions

6) Once your health challenge has been resolved following preventive instructions are key

The effects of Biocranial are accumulative showing continued benefits in overall wellbeing. Depending on overall stress levels and damage in your life, Biocranial wellness visits may be recommended from one time a month to one time every four months.